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Car Rental in Belgium: 8 Tips

Are you planning to visit Belgium ?!

Having your own car during this trip would be a much better option for you to visit this country as your heart desires. This way you will discover Belgian country known for its chocolate, waffle, famous beer, as well as its neighboring countries, such as France and the Netherlands.

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Ready to go? We would like to give you some tips you should definitely know before leaving.

Here are some tips for car rentals in Belgium

Pre-book your car reservation

It is advisable to book a car rental before your trip. Reserving your booking trip to Europe will ensure that you actually pay more than you need to.

Most large car rental companies will be able to postpone car booking for free. For this reason, there are no obstacles when you make a reservation, but the more you book in advance, the easier it will be.

You will do the driving on the right

In Belgium, as in other European countries, people are moving in the right direction.

No need for an international driving license

International driving licenses are not required for short-term travel in this country.

Pay the rent for euros

While traveling, you may have the option of paying your car rent in dollars, but this option may cost you more in the long run. If you have paid in dollars, your local rental car company will convert the purchase amount to your local currency. However, this can cause you additional problems.

Before you travel, check your existing insurance

Before leaving, contact your credit card service company to make sure they do not provide emergency insurance when they need it. If your accident insurance is not valid in the area you are traveling to, you can purchase this insurance during your car rental.

According to Belgian law, each driver must have unlimited liability insurance for third parties. As a result, liability insurance is automatically included in the cost of all car rentals.

The benefit of car rental insurance in Belgium is that you will be protected from injury, death or property damage while driving under the car.

You must know the rules of the road

Belgium is a priority when driving a car. So, even if you are on the main road, traffic may not always be your way. You even have to stop for cars coming from the right side streets.

Do not drive in Brussels

Actually traveling by car is a great choice for exploring the Belgian countryside and small towns like Bruges, but you would not be advised to drive in Brussels because it is one of the busiest cities in Europe.

It would be appropriate for you to use a taxi or subway to drive this city and only return to your rental car after leaving the city.

Take the car and check it before use

Obviously, it is much easier to travel in your own car. But regardless of whether you are traveling in your own car or rented car, make sure that your car has some defects before you steer it.

When renting a car, it is advisable that you carefully check the visual appearance of the car and compile the photos. Otherwise, you will also have to pay for these problems in the car unless you have pre-documented these problems.

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